The meeting was held on 28.01.2020 with the participation of 20 people in the Rize Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Directorate meeting room. Project coordinator Prof. Dr. Göktuğ DALGIÇ gave the first speech and gave information about the project process. Our project partner, Halieus representative Diego SANTALIANA, made presentations about the actors playing a role in
Trainings for EU Contact Points and Fishermen Has Been Completed Successfully Within the scope of our project, our trainings for the stakeholders, who played a role in local development, and our on-site practices for the fishermen involved in the Project area have finished. The course which were planned for the beneficiary of our stakeholders involved
3rd Local Community Organizations Fair organized by the Rize Civil Society Platform held on December 5 in Rize 15 July Democracy and Republic Square. Fair visitors were informed about our association KABITEK and our project.
The Deputy General Manager of the Ministry of Trade, Mr. Ekrem Alper Bozkurt, with other 3 collogues of the Ministry, has come for a Study visit in the headquarter of Legacoop, the national association of cooperatives, in Rome, to discover in depth the internal structure and the legislation of the Italian model of sectorial cooperatives,
Italian Halieus and Black Sea Science Technology and Culture Association were recently started a grant project “EU-Turkey Coops to Coast European and Turkish Cooperatives drivers of CSOs alliances for the development of Coastal territories” funded by the Civil Society Dialogue V Program and managed by the Central Finance and Contracts Unit. The Project will be

Field Study Started

Field study started for the diagnostic study on existing Fishery Cooperatives.


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