The video abstract of our project is on the air.
We are honored to have participated to the 10th Years of Dialogue Event, sharing the experience and the results of our Projects. We have shown the results of Coops to Coast project talking about the strong sectoral cooperation among fishery cooperatives in the area of Rize for the development of the coastal areas.
In “10 Years of Dialogue” event “Stories of the Civil Society Dialogue” will be shared by grant beneficiaries of projects implemented since 2008.You are invited to the panel on “Youth, Culture and Art” moderated by Cem Seymen and at the panel Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED), Podnikateľská aliancia Slovenska, HALİÉUS-Organizzazione di Cooperazione Internazionale per

The Final Capitalization

The Final Capitalization concluded with success.Thanks to all the Participants for each kindly contribution.During the event we shared the results of CoopstoCoast and we discuss the perspectives for new and interesting synergies about fisheries diversification activities and initiatives for local development, with Actors of these sectors.

Final Capitalization Conference

Thanks to the CoopsToCoast project, the fishery cooperatives of the province of Rize have been reinforced and accompanied in becoming protagonists of the coastal development, in partnership with other private and public actors, elaborating community based local development initiatives.The project is coming to an end and has reached its objectives at local, national and international

European Union Awareness activities

Within the scope of our project, as part of the European Union Awareness activities, we distributed Let’s Discover Europe booklets in the primary schools in the city center and districts of Rize and provided information about our project and the European Union.These booklets, which will be used in in-class counseling activities for children studying in


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